Cosmetic Dentistry


Do you like your smile? Dr. David L. Duke can make sure that you love the reflection you see in the mirror every day. We believe that our patients deserve sensational smiles, so as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. David L. Duke offers a range of esthetic services. With over 22 years of experience and advanced training at LVI, Dr. David L. Duke has the vision and skill to give you the amazing, comfortably functioning smile of your dreams.

Teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, gum lifts, and porcelain veneers can correct imperfections and give you a smile that you can proudly share with the world. Some patients want to completely change their image, in which case Dr. David L. Duke will design a custom smile makeover for amazing results. If you’re not sure which cosmetic solutions are right for you, schedule your consultation with Dr. David L. Duke today.

We look forward to making you smile. Call us today to reserve your appointment withcosmetic dentist Dr. David L. Duke. Our dental office serves all of Bountiful with comprehensive, personalized care.

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