General and Family Dentistry

4As a general and family dentist, Dr. David L. Duke can expertly restore your smile, but our team will work hard to prevent damage in the first place. Checkups every six months and good, daily hygiene habits will help you maintain optimal oral wellness. When you schedule a checkup with Dr. David L. Duke, your examination will include an oral cancer screening,periodontal/gum assessment, bite analysis, and a tooth-by-tooth inspection.

If we discover problems, Dr. David L. Duke will develop a treatment plan to revitalize your oral health and integrity.

You’ll also need to reserve time with our hygienist for a thorough cleaning. Regular professional hygiene will ward off gum disease and make your teeth silky smooth, your breath fresh, and your smile sparkle. We look forward to working with you as you strive for lifelong dental health. Our preventive care includes:

We look forward to making you smile. Call us today and make your appointment with general and family dentist Dr. David L. Duke. Our dental office serves all of Bountiful with comprehensive, personalized care.

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