Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular Dentistry & TMJ Therapy

6For years, neuromuscular dentistry has been used to treat chronic head and neck pain, as well as TMJ disorder. Dr. David L. Duke trained in neuromuscular dentistry and understands how it relates to oral comfort, function, beauty, and longevity, at the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

If you suffer from…

  • + teeth grinding
  • + headaches or migraines
  • + chronic earaches
  • + pain in your head, neck, or shoulders
  • + inability to fully open and close your mouth
  • + clicking jaws
  • + ringing in your ears
  • + clenching or grinding teeth
  • + numbness in hands and fingers
  • + postural problems

…your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) may be misaligned. Even slight misalignment of the TMJs can cause these and other symptoms that affect your quality of life and oral health. Nerves and muscles become irritated, which causes pain and involuntary teeth grinding, often while a person sleeps. By addressing the source of the problem, the misaligned joints, Dr. David L. Duke may solve your problem and ease your pain.

When you visit us, Dr. David L. Duke will analyze your entire chewing system and correct the position of your TMJs to produce total mouth harmony. He will evaluate your bite and find the right position for your jaws by using computerized programming with our TENS and K7. If necessary, Dr. David L. Duke can build up worn teeth with tooth-colored restorations or perform a full-mouth reconstruction to correct your bite. He may also prescribe a custom oral splint for you to wear at night. The splint will eliminate grinding and keep your TMJs in the correct position to relieve muscle tension and nerve irritation.

We look forward to making you smile. Call us today and schedule your neuromuscular orTMJ evaluation with Dr. David L. Duke. Our dental office serves all of Bountiful with comprehensive, personalized care. For more about TMJ, visit our patient library.

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