Teeth Whitening

Don’t let discoloration or stains dull your smile. Take years off of your appearance and enjoy a dazzling smile with professional teeth whitening. Safe and effective, teeth whitening is an easy way to increase your smile power.

Dr. David L. Duke prefers Deep Bleaching® by Rod Kurthy to brighten our patients’ smiles. With this system, patients schedule two power-bleaching appointments a week apart and use two weeks of take-home teeth whitening kits. To maintain this amazing smile, we recommend that patients use their home trays no less than once every two months. You may experience mild sensitivity after teeth whitening, but that sensation will lessen with time. Dr. David L. Duke believes that Deep Bleaching provides optimal results when compared to other products on the market today. Only a dentist can provide Deep Bleaching; you cannot purchase the system over the counter.

We look forward to making you smile. Call us today and schedule your Deep Bleaching teeth-whitening appointment with Dr. David L. Duke. Our dental office serves all of Bountiful with comprehensive, personalized care. For more about teeth whitening, visit our patient library.

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